ARDENART, LLC is Sino-American Company with many years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution flooring, building construction products and equipment. We provide high quality accessories for all types of flooring including laminates, carpet, solid wood, and specialized waterproof floor coverings.

Ardenart products include: baseboard mouldings, available in over 15 colors and white, transition pieces, in numerous colors and styles, high quality underlayment products polyurethane crown mouldings and PVC carpet-look tiles. All of Ardenart PVC products are 100% waterproof and may be installed in damp and potentially wet locations.

Ardenart continues to search the globe to locate and partner with successful high quality companies dedicated to serving the customers with high satisfaction ratings. We put major resources into evaluating product quality, design, and availability. Combined with ease of installation and service we provide products that will completely satisfy the installer and his customers. Our business, since 1973, has been built on satisfying customer's needs.

Our PVC and PU molding products have achieved high marks throughout the world. We look forward to cooperating with and supplying our customers with their moulding and transitions need on an immediate and on going basis. Most orders will be shipped from our warehouse inventory within 24 hours.

In addition to our standard product line, we offer custom products at minimal cost. Special colors, sizes, and shapes can be produced, to meet your design requirements.